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Crazy Video of Lower Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Calving Into Sea

This crazy video is from one of the scenes in Chasing Ice, a documentary that just won Best Cinematography at Sundance for its imagery capturing rapidly melting glaciers in the Arctic. In this scene, one of the filmers captures roughly three square miles of the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland collapsing into the sea, roughly the size of Lower Manhattan. Watch a giant block of ice 3,000 feet high capsizes and flips, throwing who knows how many tons of ocean water around, with ice towers some 600 feet high shooting out of the ocean before cracking and collapsing. The makers of the film noted that while the Ilulissat Glacier retreated one mile from 1902 to 2001, it's retreated nine miles since then, no doubt thanks to climate change.
· Collapse Video Of A Glacier The Size Of A City [Unofficial Networks]