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Inside the Stylish Brownstone of a Remodelista Co-Founder

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The latest issue of Elle Decor highlights the airy, classical Brooklyn brownstone that belongs to Francesca Connolly, co-founder of the design blog Remodelista. What looks to be effortless design—with a mix of vintage finds and modern shapes, 1890s molding and midcentury Eames chairs, and "modern lines, but no hard edges"—is actually carefully cultivated work by interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts and architect/renovations overlord Steven Harris. Connolly, a former textiles designer who has helped turn Remodelista into a kingpin in the home-design space, brought on this team—"I love so many things, it's too hard for me to decide on my own"—to nurture her self-proclaimed "Puritan aesthetic" in the sort of lofty space that might otherwise overwhelm minimalist design. The result? A comfortable tension between the home's bones and the restraint Connolly prefers: the living room (above) houses a midcentury Brazilian chair beside an original mantel, the dining room features a vintage crystal chandelier above pieces by Saarinen and Eames. More below.

? The kitchen features marble tiles, custom cabinetry, and marble countertops.

? As noted in Elle Decor, each space is characterized with "tidy lines" and luxurious fabrics. "It's like the right white shirt," Connolly says. "Timeless, crisp, respectful, and it fits my family and my life perfectly."

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