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Osterville Colonial Cuts Its Price by $355K, Again

This Osterville Colonial is both a veteran pricechopper and priceupper. The five bedroom, four bath on 2.85 acres first hit the market in November 2007 for $2.25M. And there it remained, for five years. Suddenly, in November 2012, the listing took it's very first meeting with the pricechopper, slicing $355K off the ask. Alas, change can be difficult. So just two weeks after it's first chop, the listing price went back up to $2.25M. Two weeks after the priceupper, there was another chop down to $1.895M. The pattern continued two weeks later with yet another priceupper to, you guessed it, $2.25M. The listing, currently older than most kindergarteners, managed to avoid the pricechopper for an entire month before being chopped on February 1 by $355K for the third time in less than three months. Five years with no pricechops followed by a few months of yo-yo pricing seems like something only a bank would find logical, right?
· Listing: 70 Ice Valley Road, Osterville [Zillow]