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Go on a Booze Cruise to Nowhere in This Boat-Like Manse

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Plunked on L.A.'s famed Mulholland Drive is this 11,000-square-foot manse listed for $6.749M. The brokerbabble boasts (most ominously) the five-bedroom property as a "one-of-a-kind masterpiece," and it's certainly one of the most, um, creative bits of real estate to come out Bel-Air. See, the home, with its 300-degree views and awkwardly shaped pool looks, uh, an awful lot like a displaced cruise ship, with the pool and patio comprising the boat's bow and hull, and the abundantly windowed living spaces resembling three floors of the ship's bridge. Add to the mix a heavy-handed smattering of fake palm trees, a fluorescent bar/nightclub, and some weird early '90s seating options and one may as well crank up the steel drums and cruise on out to Cabo San Lucas. Strange? Yes. But, those views are amazing, and it's not terribly unlikely that there are buyers who are either (1) super into boats or (2) capable of ignoring the fact that the home is resembles a booze cruise washed ashore. See the photos, above.

· 15105 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles [Estately]