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Artsy Pavilion is Made of 11,000 Dangling Sheets of Paper

In Sweden, an architect and an illustrator have come together to create this chapel-like pavilion built from 1,120 stacks of paper—that's 11,000 sheets—for Stockholm Design Week. Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh devised the structure's dome shape, hanging thousands of sheets like Venetian blinds from a flat roof panel. For the mosaic interior of the structure—which, by the way, is cheerily titled Hello! Anatomy of Communication—Dutch artist Kustaa Saksi went on a presumably wild-eyed illustrating spree, bringing cartoonish pattern to each page of the pavilion's ceiling, which is then reflected back on mirrored tables inside. The structure itself was erected pretty much en masse—video this way—so Wingårdh relied on months of prep designing, measuring, and packing. ("Precision in all the preliminary work is crucial," says the project producer.) The final result? A rather stunning structure that spans more than 2,100 square feet—making it a feat of much larger scale than, say, Miami's all-paper apartment or the Manhattan home with walls papered in individual sheets. More photos, including one of the exterior, below.

· Stockholm Furniture Fair Pavilion by Gert Wingårdh & Kustaa Saksi [The Fox is Black via Architizer]