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Two Sleek, Secluded Homes Duke it Out in the Deathcage

Imagine you have millions to spend on a home and you've narrowed it down to two modern houses, each with stunning views, big windows, and swoon-worthy interiors. So how do you choose? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out until one emerges victorious. Yep, that's right: it's time for a Real Estate Deathmatch.

Left: Beach House in Uruguay; right: Lake House in New Zealand

Here are two international properties, one a glassy beach bungalow in Uruguay, the other a contemporary lake house tucked into the hills of New Zealand. Both hover around 8,000 square feet and boast double-height windows and near-flawless decor. They're equally captivating, but before scrutinizing the photos of yet another pair of homes, here's a side-by-side comparison:

Location: Maldonado, Uruguay Queenstown, New Zealand
Price: $6M $12.64M
Size: 8,299 square feet 7,535 square feet
Room Count: 4 bedrooms, 5 baths 5 bedrooms, 4 baths

? Sitting scant feet from the tides, Uruguay's Casa de Piedra (House of Stone) encapsulates indoor/outdoor fluidity thanks to the home's airy rooms, stone floors, and huge windows. What's more, the property boasts an indoor pool, a bedroom suite with a drop-dead gorgeous view of the ocean, and—because this is a competition after all—764 more square feet than its competitor, all at $6M, or less than half it competitor's price.

? In the other corner of the ring stands a New Zealand property that just might live up to its effusive brokerbabble; yes, its contemporary structure may actually be "inspiring" and it's quite possible that its open floor plan and slick yet homey interiors "can't help but impress." Besides panoramic views that mimic the sweeping shots in Lord of the Rings, which was filmed in the area, the home brags a swank indoor pool, a two-sided fireplace, and a living area with windows on three sides. Price? $12.64M.

Poll results

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