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Ugly Faux Mediterranean Has Surprising Popstar Pedigree

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From the outside, this 10-bedroom Tudor-style manse for sale in L.A.'s ritzy Hidden Hills has a quaint, if slightly bloated-looking, Hansel and Gretel feel. On the inside, however, another faux Mediterranean mess smothers some solid structural bones. Huge, heavy maroon drapes cut across delicate windows, walls are coated in candy colors made to appear marbled, dark wood paneling closes in on gigantic open spaces, and there are entirely too many archways, chandeliers, fake exposed beams, and chunky grained marble floors.

Unfortunately, this is not atypical fare for some of the wealthiest bits of Southern California. What is atypical, however, is that the 19,107-square-foot manse seems to have once been rented by mega popstar Britney Spears. And so the question remains: what attracted Spears to the property—which makes the unwieldy SoCal manse she currently owns look minimalist in comparison—in 2011? Was it the ridiculously stuffy living rooms? The real-life ballroom? The private lake? Nah. It was probably that fabulous grotto-style pool out back—but who knows, really? She may have a clandestine obsession with in-house arcades and gingerbread milieu. The whole shebang, listed for $8.195M, can be seen above.
· 25085 Ashley Ridge Road, Hidden Hills, Calif. [Estately]
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