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Centre Sky's Awesome Montana Lodges

Big Sky-based Centre Sky Architects have been putting up a host of mountain homes in lodges around Montana with a focus on Western rustic, sustainable design, and a level of creativity most of the behemoths in the nearby Yellowstone Club are sorely lacking. The homes featured after the jump have been flattened to blend, literally and figuratively, into the hillslide, or have been built straight up to mimic the surrounding trees and cliffs. They do an especially good job recycling old wood, designs, and structural features.

? This 12,400 square foot single-family home is currently being built into the side of a hill near Whitefish, Montana with giant stones from a nearby quarry. Wrapping around a central auto courtyard are all kinds of turrets, undulating rooflines, and a full quarter of the house that blends right into the hill, with a green roof leading up to the highest turret. It's modeled after the Sperry Chalet in Yellowstone National Park and even has a secret passageway accessed by pulling on a certain book in the library.

? The Altman Mineshaft has a heavy mining theme running throughout the beam construction and is a bit more in line with Centre Sky's preferred style, "clean rustic." The home's vertical emphasis is meant to compliment the surrounding cliffs and mature pines, while the interior is lofted by old mining framework, especially the office and master bedroom. Some of the cooler amenities include a salvaged freezer door that serves as the main entrance and mineshaft supports that were re-used to cordon off guest beds and a pretty spectacular-looking bath tub.

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