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Marc Jacobs Puts Suprisingly Bland NYC Pad Up for Lease

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Thick in the throes of New York Fashion Week, the designer Marc Jacobs has put his three-bedroom apartment at celebrity-friendly, Jean Nouvel-designed 40 Mercer up for lease with an asking rent of $37,500 a month. Don't let that get you thinking that the designer has given up on New York. No, he also owns a unit at the Robert A.M. Stern-designed downtown blockbuster Superior Ink, but that building was swamped during Hurricane Sandy and took six weeks to get back on track, so chances are Jacobs shacked up here in the interim, and maybe through Fashion Week too, as the fully furnished unit won't be available until March 1st. For more photos and the floorplan, head to Curbed NY.
· Up For Grabs [New York Post via Curbed NY]