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Artist Creates Building-Size Mural From Abandoned Church

Apparently when abandoned churches aren't being chopped up into condos or sold as single-family homes, somebody will commission creative types, like Atlanta-based street artist Alex "Hense" Brewer, to dream up awesome murals for them. Such was the case for one abandoned Baptist church in Washington, D.C., where Brewer was commissioned for a painting along all four sides of the building as means of attracting more artsy types into the area. And so, using a cherry-picker and one crap-ton of paint, Brewer splashed color and traced thick lines onto the church's façade. So are the artsy types filing in? Well, kind of: Architizer notes that an investor recently bought the abandoned lot across the street with plans to build an art museum there. Other uses for abandoned structures? How about life-sized dollhouses, giant bucket lists, nude portraits, or reviving a struggling city? Anyway, more pictures of the former Friendship Baptist Church below.

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