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On Portlandia, Making Furniture 'Embodies Manhood'

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On tomorrow night's episode of Portlandia, the editors of Portland Monthly magazine will be hard at work producing the "Man Issue," which features "one man in Portland that is living his life in a way that we think embodies manhood." Naturally, one of the editors (Carrie Brownstein) thinks the feature story should focus on Fred Armisen, someone who's "not watching TV anymore, I'm making furniture." "Here's a guy who used to work in an office—he's really embracing masculinity," she says, excitedly.

In the past, the comedy has tackled the subjects of brunching, raw vegan restaurants, baristas, and even putting a bird on decor, but never before has it addressed the oh-so-indie craft of making furniture. Go, watch the sneak peek:

The Video:

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