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Swirly, Flintstones-y Beach House in SoCal Asks $2.45M

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Cropping up on the market in Santa Barbara, Calif.—a beach city flush with Mediterranean manses and Spanish-style villas—is this rather odd shingled dome house, complete with a turret and swirly custom windows. Its round shape, sprouty palm trees, and dirt-packed frontyard makes the home seem more than a bit Flintstones-esque, though, weirdly enough, it's not the first beachfront home to veer toward the, ah, prehistoric cartoonish nontraditional—remember Dick Clark's old place? Anyway, as can be expected for such an unusual property, the brokerbabble reads like fairytale: "Occasionally a property so unique and so dazzling will appear on the market that challenges the Broker when he attempts to properly articulate its features, its form, and its sheer artistic magnificence." Not sure about "magnificence," but it's a neat little house, and if there's a buyer out there who digs rounded homes and giant adobe fireplaces, then this $2.45M waterfront three-bedroom will be snatched up in no time. Still, it's kind of a shame that such beautiful views are only seen through those strange, curly windows. Check it out above.

· 9 Arroyo Quemada Lane, Santa Barbara, Calif. []