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Please Say Hello to Washington DC's Weirdest Dining Room

Before rushing to conclusions about the painted ceiling and high-backed Gothic chairs in this dining room, let's remember that Washington DC is a city full of surprises. After all, it's in the nation's capital where a bonkers penthouse, clad floor to ceiling in green velvet, actually proved to be the work of 1980s design superstar Jay Spectre. So while the brokerbabble for this home, listed for $5.995M, gives no indication that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it's entirely possible that there's more to this room than meets the eye—perhaps it, too, is the work of a decorating genius and that it's not gaudy but "sumptuous," not tacky but "layered." A look at one of the bedrooms, below.


Head to Curbed DC for the full set of listing photos.

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