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For the First Time in 41 Years, Barbie 'Lists' Dreamhouse

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Not three months after ex-Mattel CEO Jill Barad sold her Med-style Los Angeles home for $10.2M, Barbie—yes, that Barbie—has "listed" her bright-pink Malibu mansion for an eye-popping $25M. The Dreamhouse is being marketed exclusively on Trulia by real estate agent Josh Altman, star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing and emergent rapper, who describes the property in the brokerbabble as a "totally glam, contemporary home where the sophistication of Hollywood style meets California casual chic."

Here's a glimpse into just how well Barbie's been, uh, living when she's not out scouting sites for her (rather lucrative, it would seem) career as an architect: the 8,500-square-foot, three-story home has "soaring" 119-centimeter ceilings, pink crown moldings (she's a classicist at heart), plus "sparkly surfaces" and "dazzling details" throughout the "pinktastic" interiors. The floors are painted in Barbie's official Pantone color, 219C; there's a private elevator with doors "emblazoned with the Barbie signature silo head"; a kitchen with pink granite countertops; a full-floor master suite with an enormous shoe closet; and "diamond-encrusted accents, crystal chandeliers, custom mirrors, reclaimed exotic woods, natural stone and concrete." While the Barbie Dreamhouse may be a bit too strident in its color scheme and decor aesthetic to appeal to all tastes—and will almost certainly irk certain precocious 8-year-olds who took issue with Architect Barbie to begin with—there are some undeniable positives, like the "never-ending ocean view" overlooking 150 feet of private beach frontage.

Obviously this is not a real house—this is a plastic toy—but even the jokey geographic points ("stunning views from Point Dume to the Queen's Necklace") indicate that the "ultimate bachelorette compound" may possibly be sited on Carbon Beach, known as "Billionaire's Beach," and that Barbie's been hobnobbing all this time with bigwigs like Larry Ellison. While Ellison owns nine distinct properties in that part of Malibu, Barbie can say with certainty that her mansion "is the only home in Malibu with a self-flushing toilet and fireplace that crackles even when it's not on." Yes!

Speaking of which: where's Barbie going in this nutty stunt, part of Mattel's "year-long global brand campaign"? Though she has committed to renovating the Dreamhouse 10 times over the last four decades (including one real-life overhaul by designer Jonathan Adler), she just "embark[ed] on a worldwide tour to find a new dream home," according to Mattel reps, and will enlist a decorating "Dream Team," including Trina Turk and Celerie Kemble, to help figure it all out. It's unclear what else the brand has in store or what Barbie's next Dreamhouse will look like, but for now, "A-Listers, internet entrepreneurs, entertainment moguls and dolls of all ages who love to entertain yet want to relax": this one's for you.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post listed Barbie's exact "street address" in Malibu, but Trulia reps asked for that information to be replaced with "Address Not Disclosed" (below): "We didn't want all the tourists to drive by and bother our favorite doll."

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