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S.O.S. from The Starlight Theatre; Chappaquiddick Erosion

NANTUCKET - The Starlight Theatre and Cafe has sent out an S.O.S. via Kickstarter (video above). The 90 seat theater just off of Main Street "must go digital...or go dark" and they've turned to crowdfunding to help pay for the investment. The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 8 and, as of this afternoon, Starlight is almost halfway to their $92,500 goal. [Kickstarter]

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - Next week, the Edgartown planning board will address plans to move two homes on Chappaquiddick due to rapid erosion. A request to relocate a Wasque Point property includes: "5,500-square-foot house, a 1,150-square-foot guest house, and a 1,140-square-foot three-car garage, as well as to remove an existing sewage disposal system, underground utilities, a pool and the foundations of the guest house and the garage, and to reconstruct the swimming pool and infrastructure including a sewage disposal system." [Vineyard Gazette]