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Silverthorne May Become More Than A Strip Mall Yet!

The drawing above shows what the view of a revitalized downtown Silverthorne would look like at the corner of Blue Ridge Parkway and 4th Street. The town council OK'ed the 17 year old plan this week, and now meetings with the various developers and property owners that hold a stake in the downtown core - roughly outlined as the area centered on Highway 9 just North of I-70, extending up to East 6th Street, and spreading out West to Brian Avenue and East to Rainbow Drive - can take place.

The council named various instances of downtown blight they'd like to repair, namely by adding sidewalks and lighting, while creating a stronger town identify. Silverthorne's current reputation is more or less that of Summit County's outlet shopping center, and tourists who aren't in the area for cheap shoes at Famous Footwear are likely to head to the more picturesque downtowns of Frisco and Breckenridge. The plan hatched in 1996 to revitalize Silverthorne's center gained more credibility recently when the town realized that getting initial funds for the project from businesses looking to set up in the downtown core wasn't going to work and the town was going to have to front the money itself, at least to start.

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