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PBS Newshour Covers Climate Change's Effect On Skiing

PBS Newshour made the interesting choice this week to dedicate one its segments to the effect of climate change on the ski industry. There are a few criticisms in PBS's comments of this segment along the lines of "why don't you report on something that matters," "skiing is for the 1%," "weather does not equal climate" and "pro skiers are idiots, why are we listening to their uneducated opinions about science." And it does seem a bit frivolous to be concerned about rental shops having to spend more money to tune their equipment when there's less snow and their customers are skiing over more rocks and dirt when countries like the island nation of the Maldives could be put underwater.

However, the defensible moral of the story is still the same: temperatures are rising, more snow will fall as rain, and the shoulders of the ski season are getting shorter. Snowmaking will be an increasing necessity out West, needing more energy. What do you, dear Curbed Ski reader, think about climate change and your skiing or riding? Let us know in the comments.

· For Winter Sports Industry, Decreasing Snowfall Sends Business Downhill [PBS Newshour]