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Spot the Shipping Containers in This Sleek Bamboo House

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Photos via Freshome

In general, converted shipping containers are loud and proud about being just that; after all, corrugated steel is considered cool, almost a thing of pride, by those looking to adapt these structures into houses, retail complexes, or urban farms. For architects at the Danish firm Arcagency, this was exactly the opposite goal with WFH House, in Wuxi, in Eastern China; instead, they stacked three shipping containers into a triangle, of sorts, and clad the entire thing in bamboo, concealing the bones and creating a sleek, smooth, finished look. Other eco-friendly features include a green roof and a rainwater-collection system; inside, there's what the architects call a "FLEX Space," essentially an airy open-plan living room and kitchen that's "the heart of the house," complete with multiple glass walls opening directly to the outdoors. Check out the interiors below.

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