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Four Seating Doppelgängers Made of Hand-Painted Paper

Los Angeles-based artist Vincent Tomczyk takes pride in the imperfections of his work: the leather on his museum bench is cracked, his lawn chair is not quite white, and the tufting of his French armchair looks like it was probably less tired-looking in its heyday. That's because none of these things are actually made out of leather, plastic, or fabric. As a paper sculptor, Tomczyk builds these seating lookalikes from chipboard, foam core, and lots of hand-painted paper. For his Overlooked series, Tomczyk pieced together replicas of ordinary things, including a worn-out wallet, jean shorts, and a frayed public bench. Like other paper artists, Tomczyk is fastidious with the details, not to mention obsessed with making each paper project look like, well, anything but paper. "People like to be kind of tricked, in a way, and then they immediately like to try to figure out why," he told Wired. "That interaction, I think, is kind of a neat thing to give the viewer ? That's the thing that keeps people coming back, and makes a relationship." Above, a paper version of the Eames LCW Chair.

? His Bergère stands 36 inches tall.

? Paper Museum Bench, like many of these pieces, is part of Tomczyk's exhibition at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, on display from May 4 to May 31.

? His Ubiquitous is made from paper-covered foam core.

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