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Buy a 32-Square-Foot 'Gypsy Junker' Cabin For $1,200

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A few years ago, Massachusetts-based builder and tiny dwelling enthusiast Derek "Deek" Diedricksen used shipping pallets, old windows, and forsaken kitchen cabinets to construct a 32-square-foot guest cabin. The microhome, listed recently for $1,200, boasts big windows, a transparent roof, a sleeping platform, and, perhaps its most valuable asset, a New York Times mention. When the Times covered Deek and his backyard menagerie of rickshaws, sleeping huts, and forts, the tiny lodge was dubbed "Gypsy Junker"—though it really looks nothing like Portland's tiny gypsy mobile home, nor the place Charles Dickens once called his "gypsy summer tent." Deek is selling the cabin to make room on his Boston property for future projects, which include a houseboat and a tiny house on wheels: "I actually don't want to part with this so much, but my yard is so small, and I need to make way." More below.

"One reviewer called me 'a mad scientist with too much lumber on his hands,'" Diedricksen told the Times. "Another one called it, 'This Old House Meets Wayne's World.'"

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