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Revisit the 1980s in These Bonkers Slovenian Hair Salons

Like any space festooned as a tribute to the 1980s, Slovenia's two Young Mi? Styling (YMS) hair salons boast "a slick, edgy style dominated by neon, geometric shapes, black leather, glass and an abundance of mirrors," as Apartment Therapy once summed up the decade's aesthetic. Masterminded by the Slovenian firm Kitsch-Nitsch, the interiors seem to combine Keith Haring, Hairspray, and a diner all at once, fulfilling the goal of "keep[ing] things as wild as possible." With custom furniture and "a few compulsory wall vinyl frescos" meant to relay "cut hair inspired textures," the space also avoids the obvious references like cassette tapes or skateboards. "Well, it was either [this] or decorating the walls with nailed up skateboards that someone suggested we should do," the team explains. "We believe we made the right choice, since none of us skate."

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