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A Look at Howard Meister's Radical, Decades-Old Chairs

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Gizmodo recently unearthed some rad and mildly frightful Like a Virgin-era chair designs crafted by artist Howard Meister. While it's true that a few daring contemporary designers are willing to step back into that bold, geometric aesthetic, Meister's work is the genuine article: his creations—like his 1982 Night Heat and Johnny's Girl, above—harken back to the glory years between 1979 and 1995. In those days, the fifth-generation furniture designer, whom Gizmodo says now (sadly) works primarily with digital images, made furniture with painted flames, coyote fur, and burnished steel. More below.

? Meister's Juvenile Offender (1982) and Jazz Chair (1979).

? On the left is his In Praise of Shadows, created in 1988. On the right: 1982's Slayer.

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