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The 18 Wildest Renderings From eVolo's Skyscraper Contest

Photos via eVolo

Since 2006, architecture mag eVolo has encouraged designers, artists, and architects to submit their most innovative and avant-garde schemes to its annual skyscraper design competition. The submissions are almost always fantastic, cutting edge, and, above all else, super weird. Like many of the other future metropolises dreamed up by ambitious architects—floating amoebas or lily pads, anyone?—most look like they come from nightmarish sci-fi novels, which makes sense considering so many of this year's designs operate on the premise that humankind will either (1) be hanging out on Mars sometime in the not-to-distant future and/or (2) destroy the earth with climate change. The rendering above is Derek Pirozzi's winning submission, a jelly fish—sorry, "Polar Umbrella"—that not only provides research labs, eco-tourist attractions, and renewable power stations, but also helps regenerate the ice caps. This year eVolo received 625 entries from 83 countries, including floating jellyfish that purify acid pollution in the air, buildings with contiguous "tissue," and a vibrating "soundscraper" that looks like—well, you'll see what that means above.

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