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13 Grandmotherly Details in Queen Elizabeth's Sitting Room

Production stills from an up-and-coming documentary Our Queen unveil an earth-shaking truth: every once in a while, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lives in a place that looks an awful lot like anyone's grandma's house. Spotted in the tartan-swathed sitting room of the Queen's house in Balmoral, Scotland:

1. Statuettes of Welsh corgis.
2. Typical desk clutter, including opened mail, a letter-opener, and, obviously, some tiny ceramic antlers.
3. A task lamp.
4. Chintzy, "thistle-themed" drapes.

Daily Mail

5. A tiny stuffed bear "dressed in a smart Royal blue neckerchief," as the Daily Mail writes.
6. Reed defuser and squat vase of flowers.
7. Some new-fangled machinery in front of the fireplace.
8. A satiny, avocado-green chesterfield sofa.

Daily Mail

9. Cushy, slip-covered seating with pleated armchair skirts.
10. Tchotchkes and stones on side tables.
11. Lots of magazines and newspapers.
12. A quilt on the piano.
13. Framed family photos because (a) she's a family lady and (b) her family happens to be of the royal variety, so she's probably a proud—but, then again, aren't most grandmas?

· Cosy and comfy, one's sitting room: Cluttered with treasures and just a little bit messy, the Queen's private retreat [Daily Mail via Huffington Post]