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Strange Avocado Castle Blends Into its Desert Surroundings

Yet another bit of contemporary architecture gone incognito, this avocado-colored manse, on the market for $2.5M, is concealed amongst the sprouty succulents of Carefree, Ariz. According to the brokerbabble, the current owner has not at all been, uh, carefree about the property, rather investing $3.5M into the "one-of-a-kind" spread; and while much of it was probably injected straight into those over-decorated interiors, the pad also boasts 10,000 square feet of private courtyards and patios. The house also has a great room with "soaring ceilings," plenty of cherry wood built-ins, and a "negative edge pool with fire and water feature [that] adds to the drama." What drama, exactly? Well, the description could be talking about the obsessively tiled bathroom, the liberal dose of elephant chairs, or the porticoed bathtub area, though pricing has also proven to be a bit dramatic: the property was originally listed in December 2011 for $3.8M, which means it's now hoping to sell at about two-thirds its original ask. Take a tour, above.

· 8610 E Maverick Circle, Carefree, Ariz. [Estately]