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UK Architects Win Bid to Co-Design 2016 Olympic Stadiums

Considering the UK is the abdicating party of Olympic architecture, it really shouldn't be a surprise that two UK-based firms have just been tapped to design Olympic stadiums for the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 3DReid, which recently finished up the arena for the 2014's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, will be in cahoots with Brazilian firm BLAC Arquitectura to build the velodrome, a sloped track for cycling. And South London-based ANDarchitects, the firm that created South Korea's coolest cantilevered hotel, will team up with the Rio-based firm Lopes, Santos & Ferreira Gomes to build the handball court. All of these projects are part of Aecom's 300-acre master plan (above), which ensures these structures will transform into housing and commercial space within five to seven years after the games wrap up. No word yet on detailed renderings, so for now it's impossible to tell which, if any, of these buildings will make it onto the list of best (or worst) Olympic architecture of all time.

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