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Is Katy Perry, Princess of Pop, About to List Her L.A. House?

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"California Gurl" Katy Perry, is having a mighty hard time selling the L.A. house she once shared with now ex-husband Russell Brand. According to TMZ, Perry has been quietly shopping around the property for a while, but is simply not getting the $8M-plus she's hoping for. If the place doesn't sell in two weeks, she'll hulk it onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which TMZ aptly dubs "the Paul Revere of the real estate world." Perry and Brand bought the double-gated, 2.98-acre Mediterranean spread in summer 2011 for $6.5M, apparently smitten by the property's grotto-style pool, murmuring brook, and Japanese-style bridge. The 8,835-square-foot interiors also boast seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. As this place languishes, the duo is also trying to unload their NYC penthouse—it's really no wonder Perry has since opted for the flexibility and un-fussiness of a rental. Anyway, view the L.A. property above.

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