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Clocking In With DwellStudio Textile Designer Kay Weiner

Welcome to Clocking In, a new video series in which Curbed explores one individual's artistic contributions to the great, wide "wheel" of design; in other words, cool stuff cool people create. Care to nominate someone noteworthy? Do send a note.

Clocking In with Kay Weiner of DwellStudio from Curbed on Vimeo.

Though DwellStudio has recently expanded its offerings to include furniture, home accessories, and bathroom products, the brand, based in New York, has always maintained a clear focus on its roots: textiles. With the help of textile designers such as Kay Weiner, classic (and centuries-old, in some cases) motifs such as chinoiserie and florals are given a modern, elegant personality that's high-impact without being too obvious, too forced. Here Weiner offers a glimpse into her workspace—plastered with gorgeous, eye-popping patterns, naturally—and shows off some of those mesmerizing drawing chops. Do have a look.

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