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Awesomely Austere Tucson Mansion, Designed by Rick Joy

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Location: Tucson, Ariz.
Price: $4,595,000
The Skinny: An "internationally acclaimed home currently featured in [a] National Building Museum exhibit," this stunning desert home is a product of the minimalist architect Rick Joy. The Maine-born Joy found his calling in the deserts of the Southwest after attending architecture school at the University of Arizona, and has produced projects both large—the breathtaking Amagiri Resort—and small—the one-bedroom Desert Nomad House. This sprawling creation falls somewhere in between, a private home with the scale of a personal resort. Set on a 3.5-acre hillside lot, the 6,500-square-foot mansion is the standout among its McMansion neighbors, with a clean-lined modernist look offset by the texture of rusted steel and a warm, wood-lined interior. Listed for $4.595M, it features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a grand open living space, a fire pit, a swimming pool, and panoramic views of the city from 3,700 feet above sea level.
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