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Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Connection 2 Years Out?

This interview with the owner of the private and unfinished White Wolf ski area, Troy Caldwell, reveals that Caldwell's made a "handshake agreement" with Squaw owner KSL to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows through his 460-acre property. The connection would realize a life-long dream that Caldwell's had since buying the property for $350,000 from Southern Pacific Railroad in 1990. Although he's had multiple offers to sell the property, he's been willing to wait "a lifetime" to see his dream of his own ski area come to fruition, and he's paid out of his own pocket to gradually get there, and lift towers installed directly next to KT-22 (but with no chairs or cables at this point) point to the potential future of this supremely valuable piece of ski real estate, which is the key to making an Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows the second biggest ski resort in North America behind Whistler.

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Alpine Meadows Road & Bear Creek Drive, Alpine Meadows, CA