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Revaled: Northstar's Mountainside Residences

Wake up, ski out, ski home: that's the philosophy behind Northstar's new Mountainside Residences. Billed as California's only ski in/ski out residences (might be a stretch), the 2 and 3 bed luxury abodes of Home Run rest on lots crisscrossed by ski runs that allow you to finish your day on the slopes by skiing up to your front yard (as the video will attest in which the skiier gets off the lift and skis to the backyard of one of the homes.). Architecture stays true to modern mountain aesthetics: lots of hard woods, huge windows, and LEED certified systems-- because nature lovers like to be green--with giant garages for all the toys of Tahoe, in any season. Ownership has its privileges: 2 years free access to the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe's fitness facilities and spa and exclusive use of gorgeous Schaffer's Camp, where you trade your boots for slippers and dine with a panoramic view. Phase 1 is finished, prices running $1.645 million to $2.295 million; Phase 2 has already broken ground. And since the Northstar Resort is unfettered by federal ownership of the land or danger of run-off into Lake Tahoe, there's quite a bit more to come: stay tuned.
· Northstar Mountainside Residences
—Anna Marie