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Buy a N.Y. Castle for Just $1M, Communal Shower Included

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On the market for a straight $1M in Amsterdam, N.Y.: a 36,000-square-foot castle "based quite deliberately on medieval imagery," according to the brokerbabble, with ornamental metal ceilings, 18-inch-thick brick walls, and no less than four turrets. OK, so technically speaking, Amsterdam Castle is a something of a misnomer, as the hulking structure—which, to be fair, looks a lot like a castle from the outside—is actually a defunct armory originally built in 1894 for the National Guard. In fact, it's the only armory in the state to be converted into a single-family home—provided, of course, one uses a loose definition of the term "converted." For better or for worse (but mostly for better) the place still brags a rifle range, drill shed, locker rooms, mess hall, and communal showers. In all, it's a strange mix of Victorian elegance and militaristic utilitarianism—lots of wainscoting and coffered newel posts, plus linoleum, painted brick, and exposed ductwork. Right now there's a stark divide between the much-loved living quarters and the rather untouched military leftovers, but presumably whoever snatches up the spread will do a better job (and inject a few million, no big deal) making the interiors a little more cohesive. Perhaps they could even take cues from the family that converted a water tower or the couple that transformed a bomb shelter. Oh, and bonus points if the soon-to-be owner budgets for a "piranha-stocked moat," as Boing Boing recommends. Have a look above for the grand tour.

· An Upstate Castle in Amsterdam, N.Y. [Sotheby's International Realty via BoingBoing]