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Mammoth CEO Gets Yelled At Again

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Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory received another public beating this week when a Mono County Board of Supervisors meeting had Gregory explaining his rational for political support for the federal land swap he's been obsessing over that would give the resort 20 developable acres at the base of the mountain. Residents of June Lake have seen support for the land swap as their biggest bargaining chip in the fight to re-open and revitalize June Mountain, and have not been afraid to put the squeeze on Gregory and let him know how they really feel. One property owner described his experience trying to sell some of his property for the land swap as a "nightmare," while a June Lake resident felt that Gregory was a "person who doesn't tell the truth."

Gregory had asked for more time to prepare for the meeting and have the agenda item removed, but the board said the request came too late. The board didn't take any action on the proposal but said they were working on presenting the findings of their peer resort tour back in Vermont, where a group visited a variety of ski areas in order to understand possibilities for the future of June Mountain.

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