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Here Now, Six Modern Residences Harboring Secret Slides

Photos via My Modern Met

They say money can't buy class, but, really, who needs class when you can have a four-story Manhattan penthouse with an amazing indoor slide? For this playful—not to mention extremely swank—contemporary home, New York-based architect David Hotson teamed with designer Ghislaine Viñas to create a white, modular space punched up with bursts of color, funky (read: My Little Pony-ish) art, and, most importantly, that stainless steel, maximally efficient transportation tube. Hotson's SkyHouse is not the only contemporary space outfitted with a slide—a fact which Google proves time and time again—so today we raise our glasses to those wealthy enough to build a sleek pad from scratch and yet hang onto things most leave behind in the fifth grade. More below.

Photos via Level Architects

? Japan-based Level Architects are the masterminds behind Tokyo's House of Slide, a minimalist Chuck E. Cheese with museum-like modernism with a slide going around the perimeter. One half of the house's edge is curved, which allows for the three-story slope, and the other half is rectangular to accommodate the stairs, creating one glorious slide-y loop. An extra bonus? A bona-fide ball pit. Living room, shmiving room!

Photos via Curbed NY

? In New York City, mega-wealthy poker pro Phil Galfond recruited Turrett Collaborative Architects to build him a helical slide to combine two penthouse condos. Here's what the architects have to say: "The image of the stainless steel curves in front of the oversized window to the city beyond, to say nothing of the irrepressible glee of grown adults on the slide, is surprisingly poetic." Sadly, the place listed last year, and the new buyer is apparently nixing the slide, positively horrifying news until one finds out he's willing to donate it "to a good home," according to the broker. Any takers?

Photos via Twin Cities Remodeler

? There's perhaps no firm more well-equipped to take on absurd and playful interior design projects than Minnesota-based Kuhl Design, the group that once installed a no-holds-barred pirate ship in a kids' bedroom. For the project above, the firm hid a slide behind some unobtrusive entryway doors. See how it works, above.

Photo via MocoLoco

· London-based architecture firm Michaelis Boyd Associates included in this streamlined five-bedroom townhouse what is by far the most subtle slide of the bunch. Running parallel to the stairs leading to the indoor pool is a sleek little slide. Check it out above.

Photo via

? Also in London, renderings for a circular contemporary home reveal that at least one tricked-out city pad across the pond will boast a water slide that connects the master bedroom to the pool. A fairly genius wake-up method, no?

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