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Tiger And Lindsay Vonn Dating Analysis

Yes, Curbed Ski is weighing in in this, only because this photo totally destroyed any faith one might have admitted to having in sports' all-star couple being a legitimate item. "Stranger than fiction" might have applied were there not undoubtedly talented publicists behind the operation. Was Tiger drugged to smile that much? Who knows, this could possibly be true. Rumor has it that when Lindsey blew out her knee earlier this year, Tiger was the first person she called. Caveat: that tip came from People Magazine.

Nonetheless, on paper, these guys are a pretty hefty and even match. Golf's winningest player. One of the most dominant women ever in alpine racing, and just as present a celebrity. Both have tumultuous and odd relationship histories, although Tiger's infidelities overshadow any Vonn controversies by a few thousand vertical feet. But golf and skiing? C'mon... that's a match any self-respecting resort aficionado can get down with. Of course, Tiger will have to watch his back with Lindsey, as one commenter on Unofficial Networks made the keen observation that "A ski is going to cut more than a golf club?."

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