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Calgary Ski Shoot Receives City Approval

The power of ski filmmakers Sherpas Cinema as a marketing tool for Canadian cities became realized this past week when Calgary gave the crew the green light to shut down a few city streets and host a sanctioned urban skiing shoot, with skiers jumping onto alleyway walls and sliding loading dock handrails. The acceptance comes a year after Sherpas filmed a ski segment in the small industrial town of Trail, British Columbia guerrilla-style that garnered over 1.5 million views on Vimeo and provided Trail with a level of social advertising that Mayor Dieter Dogs believes "You [just] couldn't buy."

Calgary sanctioned the Sherpas film shoot, which is being filmed on RED Epic cameras from the back of a badass-looking golf cart, in order both to avoid the liability of "guerrilla stuff" and the "overall capacity to showcase the area as a unique and fantastic filming area." The footage will show up in Sherpas' next film, Into The Mind, this upcoming fall.

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