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It's Pricechop Numero 6 For This 'Unique Offering' In Osterville

Remember this place? We wrote about the "unique offering" back in October for Curbed Marketplace. Since then, the Osterville Village five bedroom has taken three meetings with the pricechopper, but that's only half the story. The property first hit the market in September 2012 for $1.825M. Just two weeks later, the listing was sliced down to $1.695M. Another two weeks went by and the pricechopper re-emerged to bring the ask to $1.67M. Indeed, two weeks later, another pricechop brought the listing to $1.595M. For whatever reason, the price didn't change again for two-plus months, when a December chop took the listing down to $1.58M. Alas, two weeks later, the price was reduced yet again, this time to $1.495M. After a two and a half month respite, the pricechopper returned on March 16, bringing the ask to $1.45M. We're not sure what's more disturbing - the pattern of the pricechops or the new listing photos in HDR. Either way, do you think this latest reduction will do the trick or will the pricechopper return (In two weeks? Or two months?) for yet another slice?
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