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This Silverthorne A Frame Is... Renovated?

Ah, the A frame. It is the beloved and functional hammer in the toolbox of 70's ski architecture. Levered roofs allow snow to slide to the base without putting nearly as much pressure on the frame while simultaneously making the interior feel claustrophobic, no matter the square footage. So it caught Curbed Ski off guard when we were strolling through Summit County listings and found... wait, is that an A-frame? Wait, is that a NEW countertop?

Yes, indeed, the owners of this 1 bed, 1 bath 832 square foot Silverthorne A frame did indeed reinvest in their existing structure, which sits on a 1.28 acre south-facing lot. Appears that the kitchen, walls, and tiny upstairs loft were all redone, although the floors look like they still need some love. The realtor mentions the "Wonderful possibilities for rental income...," which basically means being able to rent the place out to ski bums who can't see through their beer goggles enough to care about the architecture. All the wonderful possibilities for $324,900.

· 547 G Road, Silverthorne, CO [RE/MAX PROPERTIES OF THE SUMMIT]