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Architect's Flight of Fancy Gleefully Depicts the Un-Buildable

Computer programs aside, architects, generally speaking, contribute measurably to the physical built environment—houses, towers, or developments, say, constructed from wood, brick, concrete, steel, or glass. Like toddlers to a well-set dining table, forward-thinking artists from all over the globe have expressed glee in tearing even the sturdiest architecture to pieces, whether it's Filip Dujardin digitally constructing lawless, perilously piled stacks of houses or French photographer Laurent Chéhère happily setting homes of all shapes and sizes in flight à la Mary Poppins.

Enter Tom Ngo to this rebellious crew; his "Architectural Absurdities" series of drawings, profiled today on Co.Design, subverts any notion of what could ever actually be built into fantastical, M.C. Escher-esque forms. The Toronto-based architect admits to "getting into a lot of trouble because I was unaware of a lot of the implicit rules within design"—a disadvantage in school, maybe, but ultimately one that allowed him to "question everything from gravity to scale and it became the starting point for the work I do now." A closer look, right this way.

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