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Bonkers 'Stack of Containers' is Actually a Boring Old Bank

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Gizmodo recently featured the Nord LB Building in Hanover, Germany, a banking office that, much like the numbingly mod dental office in Japan or the stylish pharmacy in Portugal, takes the mundane and makes it—well it's interesting, all right. Conceptualized by German architecture firm Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner, the building, which provides roughly 807,293 square feet of office space for 1,500 employees, has become a point of pride in Hanover, having been awarded the Lower Saxony Award of Architecture in 2002. When it was being constructed, however, the jumble was once derided as "a stack of containers," practically a term of endearment compared to the treatment it's getting by Gizmodo's readers; one calls it an "evil game of Jenga gone wrong." (Hmm, sounds familiar!)) Another take: "That's one of those buildings where you're like, even though that shit looks cool, it still looks like shit. Formally, it's awesome to take in, but aesthetically it's basically garbage." Ouch. More photos, below.

Note: the Gizmodo article includes two images, one of which is the bank, the other an impossible montage contrived by artist Filip Dujardin, the creator of fake, mindbending architectural images. You know architecture is crazy-go-nuts when it's confused for a photomontage meant to defy physics.

· This Building Is Too Insane To Be a Bank [Gizmodo]