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Inside Pam Anderson's Newly Restaged Malibu Beach House

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Facing mounting debt over her multimillion dollar home renovation, a month ago Baywatch's Pamela Anderson listed her airy Malibu digs, asking $7.75M for the 2,700-square-foot beach house. "The house just enveloped me financially and I didn't know how to handle it," she's admitted about the property. Well, The Real Estalker has unearthed a much more robust bundle of photos—ones that aren't oddly staged or reliant on strange angles—revealing a surprisingly gorgeous contemporary spread with a nice flow between indoors and out, as the hackneyed expression goes. The place is light and decorated with restraint, featuring a garage-style opening melding the living area—baby grand piano, cushy white sofas, and a slab of slate-colored stone below the fireplace—with the backyard. Upstairs, the master bedroom boasts gleaming wooden wardrobes and a corner fireplace, and a guest bedroom is home to a $14,000 bathtub manufactured by Agape, a schmancy Italian design firm. Outdoor amenities include the aforementioned saltwater pool, teak decking, a teepee, a garden with figs, herbs, and avocados, plus olive trees and lavender. It's splendid, for sure, though it's all admittedly dampened a bit by the, you know, financially crippling effects such a spectacular renovation incurred. Let this be a lesson learned for anyone who dares to prance in Anderson's footsteps? Anyway, have a look above.

· 23445 Malibu Colony, Malibu, Calif. [Chris Cortazzo via The Real Estalker]
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