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This City's Slouching Towers Are Made Entirely of Gum

While gingerbread artisans are no stranger to using gum as a medium—for shingles on a roof, say—French artist Jérémy Laffon, the sculptor behind these architectural models here, has taken the obsession to a whole new level. Laffon constructs his creations entirely from minty strips—kinked support beams, slouching turrets, wobbly walls and all. For his (deep breath) Chlorophénylalaninoplastomecano-stressrhéologoductilviridiscacosmographigum, once on display in Paris, Laffon took the mundane and pieced it all together in a way that's delicate, artful, and slightly ridiculous, not unlike the artists who build things out of Jell-o, toothpicks or any other oddball material. It's no wonder Laffon's official site contains testimony to his ability to "explore the evocative potential of [his works'] components" and "suspend the boundary of commonsense" on his official site. Detailed shots, below.

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