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Johnny McGuire's Building Sells To Mark Hunt

Earlier this winter, we reported on the sale of 730 East Cooper Street, the corner lot housing the iconic Johnny McGuire's, and Domino's, for $1.5 million. Well this week we find out the buyer was Mark Hunt, the Chicago businessman who bought the Bidwell building at Galena and Cooper for $27 million, the Gap building for $13.25 million, and is also an investor in the update Hotel Jerome.

The deal gives Hunt the nearly 7,000 square foot corner building but not the property under it, although it does include the right to take over the ground lease, which is purchased on a 100-year basis from the Kelly family, which owns the land and once owned an auto parts store in the building. Hunt was apparently "very sensitive to the tenants," so Domino's and Johnny McGuire's will get the chance to move into any redevelopment project at the site, as the above renderings show. That is, of course, if Hunt doesn't jack the rent.

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