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Here's a Look Straight Down From the World's Tallest Tower

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On a recent trip to Dubai, National Geographic photographer Joe McNally stood on top of the 2,722-foot-tall Burj Khalifa and snapped this incredible pic. "The Instagram foot shot to end all foot shots," as Gizmodo calls the feat, was made possible by a team of climbers and behind-the-scenes support; fearless as he appears to be, McNally, unlike the human "spiderman" Alain Robert, didn't actually scale the world's tallest man-made structure without help. If the Burj, as a piece of architecture, has managed to capture the attention of world-class photographers and multinational corporations like Visa, just imagine what China's Sky City Tower—slated to become the tallest building on Earth and beat out the Burj by a 30 feet—will inspire once it's complete.

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