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Totally Decrepit 1967 Bomb Shelter Asks Nearly $500K

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Add this to the ever-growing list of places to wait out Doomsday: a 30-inch-thick bomb shelter, built during the Cold War in Fort Pierce, Fla. On the market for $499,500, the structure is made of steel-reinforced concrete that was originally designed to "withstand the big blast," the listing agent tells Zillow Blog, and safely shelter people for up to a month. Since this the structure was vandalized in the '80s, the interiors are run-down beyond belief, with peeling paint and exposed machinery, not to mention "decontamination showers" waiting to offer a warm welcome, and canned sugar and milk solids from decades ago. Still, the 17-foot-high ceilings and six acres of land has garnered interest from survivalists, history buffs, and lovers of man caves alike; one prospective buyer had an architect assess the possibility of a residential conversion. There may be more stylish and swanky places to wait out the apocalypse, sure, but this one's still worth a look. Take a tour, above.

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