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See the 'Most Beautiful Building in the World'...on a Boulder

India's Taj Mahal has won over souls across the globe (not to mention Uncle Ben's advertising team and ambitious Indian jewelers). Like other of the world's most revered manmade structures, the Taj has a true mystique thanks to its complex history and its awesomely precise, symmetrical, and eye-pleasing form—all of which Italian photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo taps into for his "Levitation" series, in which iconic works of architecture are digitally placed atop tiny islands, or boulders, floating in mid-air. "I use photography to materialize my visions and not for interpreting the reality," Lo Schiavo says in a statement. "I have seen an entire city in a window, a mountain in a pebble; I even saw colors in a black & white picture." View the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon, and more over on My Modern Met.
· World Landmarks Levitate on Boulders Over the Ocean [My Modern Met]