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Inside Bon Jovi's Swank NYC Penthouse, Now Asking $42M

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In 2007, Jon Bon Jovi dropped $24M on a duplex penthouse in Manhattan and embarked on a rich person's hobby multimillion dollar renovation—converting one of the two master suites into a media room, kitting out the unit's two kitchens with high-end finishes and appliances—all in hopes of earning a massive profit on the place. He has been quietly angling for a buyer since Oct. 2011, when he was rumored to want $45M; now, The Real Estalker reports, the shaggy-haired rocker has officially put his glassy 7,500-square-foot perch on the market for $42M.

While the duplex comes fully furnished, the furniture doesn't actually look that awesome; rather, it's the arched full-wall windows,11-foot ceilings, enormous mirrored fireplace, open-plan great room, and "protected, panoramic views looking over all of Soho and beyond" that truly set this home apart. Not to mention private outdoor space—there's 3,100 square feet of it, all landscaped—composed of three outdoor terraces. "The largest terrace is designed for entertaining while the others have a Zen quality," brags the brokerbabble matter-of-factly—though for $42M one would hope to find Zen, well, everywhere. Photos and floorplan, above.

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