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This Revelstoke Inn Could Be Your Second Career

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*UPDATED WITH PRICE* Need to quit your Manhattan hedge fund job and live the dream as a quiant inn owner near one of North America's rowdiest new ski areas? Revelstoke is renowned for both its unrivaled cat skiing operations as for having the largest vertical of any mountain in North America, with a kind (not to your legs) vertical drop of 6,100 feet. This 7,700 square foot inn, the Mulvehill Creek Wilderness Estate, sits on 33 acres of lake-front property with 13 bedrooms, 10 full baths, a large organic garden, pool, a quaint little chapel, and its own micro-hydro station. For those with eyes only for the lakeside property itself, redevelopment opportunities abound.

A little salivation over a remote outdoor lifestyle in interior British Columbia is in order, and maybe a little action if you're able to pony up the $2.8 million.

· Mulvehill Creek Estate [Vladi Private Islands]