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Watch This Guy Build a Mini-City From 100,000 Staples

UK artist Peter Root is the obsessive mastermind behind Ephemicropolis, this 100,000-piece sprawl made of things most people just pick out of the carpet. Like most oddball architectural model makers—a city made of gum, anyone?—Root has a thing for creating avant-garde, fictional cityscapes, often with bleak, industrial overtones. He describes his work as "a shining monochrome mega-construction [that] defies immediate identification of scale. Vulnerable, not to a rampaging Godzilla, but to the looming threats of a micro-apocalyptic light breeze or a ballistic projectile fired from the shoe of an unwitting passer-by." Sure, it all sounds a bit depressing, and, yes, his choice of medium may emphasize the rigitity and monotony of urban architecture, but the project is also playful and just plain neat, particularly considering he's creating and recreating it all out of nothing but boxes of stuff usually relegated to the back of the office supply closet. So how long does one need to create a staple masterpiece? Well, Ephemicropolis took some 40 hours—that's a full work week!—to assemble. Check out the incredible time-lapse video:

The Video:

The Making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

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