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Funnyman Larry David Puts 'Fairytale Home' On the Market

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For those who don't find reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm voyeuristic enough, now it's possible to peek into the very home where Larry David's been living all these years. The comedian, perhaps still most famous for co-creating Seinfeld, has just listed his Pacific Palisades estate—which he amassed in three separate transactions over six years in the '90s, according to The Real Estalker—for $14.999M. The seven-bedroom main house, built in 1950, measures 10,000 square feet and is ever so blandly described as a "fairytale home" and a "rare and special property" in the brokerbabble. While the interior decor seems rather stuffy and humorless—Oriental rugs, floral scroll-arm sofas, and blocky wooden case goods—those gleaming floors, wood-beamed ceilings, awesome-looking outdoor space (decks, pool), stunning vaulted guest house, and views from high atop the Pacific Coast Highway are worth a bit more, uh, enthusiasm. Fun fact: David's property is located exactly one mile from Jeff and Susie's house in Curb, which had been listed for $4.595M in Feb. 2011 and has since been taken off the market.

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